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Dr. Heinz is a certified Invisalign® provider that is ranked in the top 1% not just in the Rockford and Grand Rapids communities, but in the entire country. Simply put, he has treated more Invisalign cases than 99% of the orthodontists in America. His expertise with Invisalign ensures a seamless process, produces gorgeous outcomes, and creates wonderful memories for you and your family along the way. During your treatment, Dr. Heinz will work closely with Invisalign to ensure your teeth are straightened comfortably, more predictably, and in 20%-50% less time than other orthodontic treatments. Our Heinz Virtual Care can even monitor you remotely throughout treatment saving you the most precious asset available … your time.

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4 Steps to an Amazing Smile with Heinz Orthodontics and Invisalign Clear Aligners

We know your time is of the utmost importance. That is why Dr. Heinz has developed a unique 4-step Invisalign treatment program that will give you a beautiful smile up to 50% faster than traditional metal braces.

Questions About Invisalign?

Achieving a beautiful, straight, healthy smile has never been easier – or more discreet. Invisalign clear aligners are virtually invisible and since they are removable, maintaining good oral health is easy – plus you can continue to eat the foods you love!

You probably have several questions about our Invisalign treatment process – How long will you have to wear your aligners?  Are there any foods I should avoid? Does Invisalign hurt?

Don’t worry, Dr. Heinz will answer all of your questions during your new patient appointment. But until then, here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Invisalign. If you have any questions that aren’t addressed here, please e-mail us or give us a call and we will be happy to answer them.

Invisalign treatment is the process of wearing a series of clear, removable aligners that gradually straighten your teeth. No brackets and wires, and none of the restrictions that come with metal braces.

Dr. Heinz will create a unique, digital treatment plan that maps out the exact movements of your teeth. Your Invisalign clear aligners are then designed to apply the right amount of force to the right place at the right time based on your plan. Dr. Heinz will be with you every step of the way to monitor your progress and ensure your aligners fit correctly.

Dr. Heinz will schedule regular appointments, usually about once every four to six weeks. The goal of these visits is to ensure your Invisalign treatment is progressing as planned. Dr. Heinz also offers Heinz Virtual Care, so you can complete many of these visits from the comfort of your own home.

Invisalign aligners are made of a transparent material, so they are virtually invisible. In fact, most people probably won’t even notice you’re wearing them, making Invisalign treatment a seamless fit with your lifestyle.

None! Invisalign clear aligners are removable, so there are no food restrictions at all (hello popcorn!). With traditional wires and brackets, there’s a long list of foods you unfortunately can’t enjoy because they can damage or get stuck in your braces.

Invisalign treatment moves your teeth by applying gentle, constant force, but some people do feel temporary discomfort for the first few days of wearing a new set of aligners. Typically, people describe it as feeling “pressure” and it’s normal — it’s a sign your Invisalign clear aligners are working and transforming your smile.

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My wife and I had appointments here in Rockford, MI a few weeks ago and were blown away with Dr. Heinz’s charisma and dental knowledge. We greatly appreciated the time he spent with us explaining our options. The team is awesome and you can tell they are starting something special. I loved the scanner that took our impressions digitally! I am excited to start my clear aligner journey with you guys!


- Logan Smith

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