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How Invisalign Works

Invisalign straightens teeth by using a series of virtually invisible, custom-made aligners that gently guide your teeth into a predetermined position. These aligners are made from smooth, medical-grade plastic that fits perfectly over your teeth, providing maximum comfort and efficiency.

Clear Aligners in Rockford & Grand Rapids MI - Heinz Orthodontics
Clear Aligners

A More Aesthetic Option

Our patients love that Invisalign clear aligners are a more aesthetic and efficient treatment option when compared to conventional braces. These clear aligners can help you achieve your best smile up to 50% faster than traditional braces and are much more comfortable as well. Invisalign is clear, comfortable, discreet  and can treat a number of orthodontic issues, such as:

Invisalign, Braces and More!

Early Treatment

At Heinz Orthodontics, our early treatment option can identify and correct your child’s orthodontic issues before they advance. We utilize our orthodontic tools like expanders, partial braces, and Invisalign retainers to help set your child’s jaws and arches up for success. With our early treatment option, Dr. Heinz can mitigate small issues before they become severe problems.

Early Treatment in Rockford & Grand Rapids MI - Heinz Orthodontics

Treatment Steps


Meet with Dr. Heinz

The first step to achieving your dream smile is to meet with Dr. Heinz for your complimentary consultation. At this appointment, Dr. Heinz and his team will take photographs, digital images, and x-ray scans of your teeth. Once this information is gathered, our team will use it to create your customized treatment plan!

Orthodontics in Rockford & Grand Rapids MI - Heinz Orthodontics 6
Orthodontics in Rockford & Grand Rapids MI - Heinz Orthodontics


Receive Your Treatment Plan

After they create the perfect, unique treatment plan for you, Dr. Heinz and his team will explain your treatment options to you and answer any questions you might have about the process. He will then pull up a digital 3D rendering of your current smile and will give you a sneak peek at your post-treatment smile!


Wear Your Aligners as Perscribed

In order to keep your treatment on track, you need to make sure you’re wearing your aligners for a minimum of 22 hours a day. Feel free to take your trays out for your morning coffee, at meal times, and for social events. Just remember to promptly replace your aligners after brushing and flossing. Wearing your aligners as prescribed will have you on your way to a new smile in no time!

Orthodontics in Rockford & Grand Rapids MI - Heinz Orthodontics
Orthodontics in Rockford & Grand Rapids MI - Heinz Orthodontics


Enjoy Life, With a Smile!

Now that your treatment journey has come to a close, you get to enjoy your new smile forever! Embrace life with confidence and joy, and take every opportunity to show off your new smile. Remember to wear your retainers every night and continue regular check-ups with your dentist to preserve your smile and oral health.

Orthodontic FAQ

Invisalign is a series of clear aligner trays that straightens teeth as a more comfortable and aesthetic alternative to traditional braces.

Invisalign pushes your teeth by applying gentle pressure to your teeth as it guides them into their determined place.

Your visit frequency will depend on the severity of your case, but on average, you’ll visit every 4-6 weeks.

Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible and are fitted to your teeth, so it is very unlikely anyone will notice you’re wearing them.

With Invisalign, you don’t have food or beverage restrictions. Simply take your aligners out, eat what you’d like, brush and floss then replace your aligners.

You might experience some discomfort with Invisalign, but you’ll find they are a much more comfortable treatment option compared to metal braces.