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Patient Testimonials

Our Heinz Orthodontics team is dedicated to providing each of our patients with a welcoming environment and a positive treatment experience. We are always searching for the latest orthodontic innovations and technology, ensuring our patients receive the very best orthodontic care.

Our patients love our fun atmosphere and feel comforted and well-informed by our awesome team. We’ve received glowing reviews about our patient care, the ease of our digital experience, and our stellar results. You don’t have to take our word for it, though, read over some of the testimonials from our satisfied patients below and learn firsthand what to experience when you decide to embark on a treatment journey with Heinz Orthodontics!

I came in for a consultation here and upon arriving at this wonderful place, I felt comfort even when I had a lot of apprehensiveness, because it's a big decision to make to transform your smile. This journey has not only helped me have a greater and bigger smile but it has given me more confidence in my professional career. I owe everything to "The Great Dr. Heinz" as I like to call him and the 5-star customer service of the team! It has definitely been the easiest decision in the history of my decisions - I suggest you make the same decision as well!

I'm in sales and it matters to have a great smile. I got to meet Jeffrey Heinz personally and talked with him and I said I don't care if he costs more! I had such a great experience and it felt like they really cared and cared enough to sit down and hear my desires for my smile. He was able to put together a plan that was a lot less invasive for my grandson too.

First of all, all the staff is fantastic, Dr. heinz is incredible. The thing I love about this office is its very upbeat and very positive. I never had one bad experience during the entire process. I had braces for 18 months and was in here all the time. The scheduling part was never an issue, they were very flexible with me. I didn't feel inconvenienced or pressured by the office. My whole family has been through this office, my wife, daughter and son all had great experiences.

A prior orthodontist had recommended some oral surgery to remove some permanent teeth. The oral surgeon recommended a second opinion. Dr. Heinz was recommended through our dental office and, with his clinical expertise, told us we didn't have to pull the teeth. Fast forward a few more years later with braces and treatment, we now have no braces a beautiful smile and all her permanent teeth.