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3D Scanner

At Heinz Orthodontics, we’ve eliminated the need for messy alginate impressions by embracing the advanced iTero Digital scanner, which swiftly captures precise 3D images of your teeth, jaw, and facial structure. Dr. Heinz utilizes these digital scans to create personalized treatment plans, ensuring the most accurate and efficient approach to achieving your dream smile. With the iTero scan, you’ll see an exact 3D replica of your smile, facilitating the development of your ideal treatment plan. Dr. Heinz can also use the scanner to provide you with a visual representation of how your smile will transform throughout treatment and after it’s complete, ensuring that your dream smile becomes a reality.

View Your Journey

Orthodontics in Rockford & Grand Rapids MI - Heinz Orthodontics

Get a Scan

The first step to your new smile is to sit back and relax while our team uses the iTero Digital Scanner to collect a digital scan of your smile, arches, and palate to create a digital model of your smile. The iTero scanner is a small, handheld camera that takes several photos of your teeth to build a comprehensive digital model of your exact smile. The iTero scan is quick, efficient, and painless. Our team and patients both love the iTero scanner because the speed and accuracy are far superior to the old-school alginate impressions.

Orthodontics in Rockford & Grand Rapids MI - Heinz Orthodontics

See Your Future Smile!

With the iTero 3D Digital Scanner, Dr. Heinz will plan your treatment from start to finish with precision, accuracy, and incredible results. This innovative technology even allows Dr. Heinz to show you what your future smile will look like after treatment! iTero’s 3D Smile Simulator shows you a before and after picture of your smile before you even begin treatment! Our patients love the Smile Simulator because it acts as the perfect motivation to stay on track with their treatment! Seeing your post-treatment smile will help you enjoy the orthodontic treatment journey!

Orthodontics in Rockford & Grand Rapids MI - Heinz Orthodontics

Get Your Treatment!

Now that your iTero Digital Scan is complete and you have some inspiration from the 3D Smile Simulator, Dr. Heinz is ready to present your customized treatment plan to you! Receive your unique orthodontic treatment plan as our team walks you through each step of the treatment process and explains the financial side of treatment to you as well. Explore payment options and learn about your insurance coverage from our Treatment Coordinator. This is the perfect time to ask any and all the questions you have. Now it’s time to start your treatment with the Heinz team!! You’re one step closer to the smile of your dreams!

Cutting Edge Orthodontic Technology

A Great First Impression

Because the iTero scanner is incredibly accurate, you can count on the first digital impression to be a good one. The iTero digital scanner is a remarkable tool that uses advanced technology to enhance your orthodontic treatment journey. Dr. Heinz and his team love this technology because it provides ultimate comfort for all of our patients, and we want each of our patients to enjoy their treatment experience!

Our patients love the iTero scanner because it’s safe, and precise and results in faster treatment delivery. With the iTero, our Heinz Orthodontics team is able to produce better fitting aligners and better treatment outcomes. The scanner uses a laser to generate images of your smile, so it doesn’t expose you to any radiation and is safe for all ages!