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Gummy Smile Treatment

Did you know that the health and the shape of your gums can affect the appearance of your smile? If gums extend too far past the root of your tooth, or your lips retract higher than they should, you probably have what’s called a gummy smile. A gummy smile can make your teeth appear shorter or asymmetrical.

Dr. Heinz can perform a gingivectomy to correct your gum line by using a dental laser to reduce or reshape your gum line, so you can show off more of your beautiful smile. Laser treatments are minimally invasive, they significantly reduce bleeding and irritation, and they eliminate the need for sutures. Dr. Heinz can complete your gingivectomy in one visit using a local anesthetic for comfort. It will only take about a week for your gums to heal completely from your gingivectomy, but after that, you will have a smile you can enjoy for years to come!

Gummy Smile Treatment in Rockford & Grand Rapids MI - Heinz Orthodontics
Gummy Smile Treatment in Rockford & Grand Rapids MI - Heinz Orthodontics
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Gummy Smile Treatment

Just like fingerprints, no two people’s smiles are exactly alike. Sometimes teeth can appear to be short or it can look like too much gum tissue is showing. This is what we call a “gummy smile.” If you feel like this describes your particular situation, you’ve come to the right orthodontist.

The good news is that your teeth are not too short. What is actually happening is that you simply have an excessive amount of gum tissue. If this is the case, we can remove it through a process called a gingivectomy. Utilizing advanced technology, we can remove and reshape the excess gum tissue, giving you a more even and less “gummy” smile.

The process is comfortable, convenient, and affordable. We have treated hundreds of patients who have been concerned about their gummy smiles and have achieved amazing results with every single one of them!

Say Goodbye to that Gummy Smile

Gingivectomy Treatment

We love seeing our patients’ smiles light up the room. For many, a gingivectomy can do just that. By removing and reshaping a portion of the excess gum tissue, Dr. Heinz is able to elongate the appearance of your teeth and transform your smile the way you’ve always dreamed of. See for yourself – take a look at some of our patients’ gummy smiles before and after transformations:

Our Remarkable Patients

We are proud of our patients, who are really members of the Heinz Orthodontics family! Getting to watch smiles transform is one of the most rewarding parts of what we do here. Hear from a couple of our patients below!

Why Our Patients Love Us

A prior orthodontist had recommended some oral surgery to remove some permanent teeth. The oral surgeon recommended a second opinion. Dr. Heinz was recommended through our dental office and, with his clinical expertise, told us we didn't have to pull the teeth. Fast forward a few more years later with braces and treatment, we now have no braces a beautiful smile and all her permanent teeth.