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Braces for Adults

One common misconception about braces is that they are only for kids and teenagers, but the truth is, that there is no age limit on braces! If you’ve been dreaming about correcting misalignments or adjusting your bite, then we have the perfect solution for you. With braces, Dr. Heinz can give you the smile of your dreams while improving your overall oral health. 

Untreated misalignments can lead to problems like excessive wear on teeth, tooth decay, gum disease, and even difficulty chewing. Dr. Heinz understands the unique needs of our adult patients, so he customizes treatment plans to fit into your lifestyles, ensuring that orthodontic treatment can be seamlessly integrated into your busy life. With their expertise and dedication, Dr. Heinz and his team help adults achieve smiles that not only boost their self-confidence but also promote lasting oral health

Braces for Adults in Rockford & Grand Rapids MI - Heinz Orthodontics
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5-Star Provider of Adult Braces

Out of the four million people in braces or clear aligners right now in the United States, 25% of them are adults. If you are ready to achieve your dream smile do not feel like you are the only one. We treat many adult patients with braces and have achieved some awesome results.

At Heinz Orthodontics, your new patient consultation is free. The team and I will spend as much time with you as you need to make sure you understand all of your options and are comfortable and excited about your decision. When you arrive we will even show you a 3D rendering of what your dream smile will look like at the end of your smile journey!

We know you’re going to fit right in with our ortho family – so give us a call at either or Rockford or Grand Rapids office or click here to schedule your in-office or virtual consultation today – we can’t wait to meet you!

Braces We Offer

We believe that it is important to educate our patients on all of their options, which is why we have taken the time to lay out our different braces options below. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Clear Aligners

Transparent and completely removable, clear aligners are the most comfortable and discreet way to improve your smile. We offer Invisalign and Spark aligners.

Clear Aligners in Rockford & Grand Rapids MI - Heinz Orthodontics

Clear Ceramic Braces

LightForce braces use clear or transparent 3D-printed brackets so while they are just as effective as metal braces, they are much less noticeable.

Lightforce Braces in Rockford & Grand Rapids MI - Heinz Orthodontics

Damon Braces

Using state-of-the-art technology, Damon braces are able to give you a broader, more healthy smile all while putting less pressure on your teeth.

Damon Braces in Rockford & Grand Rapids MI - Heinz Orthodontics

Orthodontic FAQ

Braces are made up of 2 important parts: the bracket and the archwire. We will attach brackets to each of your teeth, and use the archwires throughout your treatment to gently position your teeth into a more preferred position.

While the beginning of your braces treatment can result in some uncomfortableness, it definitely doesn’t hurt! A little bit of over the counter tylenol or ibuprofen will knock any soreness you might have out.

We believe that getting the smile of your dreams shouldn’t result in stress, which is why we offer flexible payment plans. We will go over the cost of treatment in your complimentary consultation!

There are a couple of food restrictions when you have braces. Once you start treatment, Dr. Heinz will review all restrictions with you.

We recommend brushing after every meal, or three times a day, in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy!

Yes, you definitely do! Your dentist will ensure that your teeth and gums are staying healthy during your orthodontic treatment.

I'm in sales and it matters to have a great smile. I got to meet Jeffrey Heinz personally and talked with him and I said I don't care if he costs more! I had such a great experience and it felt like they really cared and cared enough to sit down and hear my desires for my smile. He was able to put together a plan that was a lot less invasive for my grandson too.