Never miss an appointment again

Heinz Ortho To-Go

At Heinz Orthodontics, we want to do our best to make orthodontic treatment convenient for all of our patients. We are able to cater to our patient’s schedules with our Heniz Ortho-to-Go system. Heinz Ortho-to-Go is our virtual monitoring system that allows patients to scan their treatment progress, communicate with Dr. Heinz and from virtually anywhere. 

Heinz Ortho-to-Go virtual monitoring makes tracking your treatment progress super simple and more convenient than ever. Send scans to Dr. Heinz and he will monitor your smile transformation from wherever you are, so you never have to worry about missing an appointment again. Our virtual monitoring app gives you the flexibility to receive orthodontic treatment while simultaneously living your normal day-to-day life! There are several other benefits of Heinz Ortho-to-Go that will save you time while also providing you with your best smile!

Receive Expert Feedback

Send in your weekly scans to Dr. Heinz and instantly receive his expert feedback on your treatment progress. Have a question or concern about your smile progress? Immediately ease your worries by communicating with Dr. Heinz in our app.

See Your Smile Progress

Are you curious to know how your smile has changed during treatment so far? Our Ortho-to-Go app will show you your real-time progress and even compare your current smile to your pre-treatment smile!

Reduce Your Office Visits

With Heinz Ortho-To-Go, you can significantly reduce the number of office visits required for orthodontic care. By minimizing in-person appointments and providing convenience, Heinz Ortho-To-Go offers a more flexible and efficient orthodontic experience.

Orthodontic FAQ

Heinz Ortho-to-Go is an easy-to-use digital monitoring app that allows you to send weekly images and videos of your teeth to our office throughout your treatment process. Get your time back without compromising your treatment efficiency! 

Your orthodontic treatment will begin with your complimentary, in-office consultation where our Heinz Orthodontic team will create a customized treatment plan for you. You’ll occasionally need to come back into the office after your initial consultation, but your in-office visits will be greatly reduced by our Ortho-to-Go app!

Your Ortho-to-Go kit contains everything you need to successfully scan your smile from anywhere! In your kit, you’ll find a special scan box, cheek retractors, and instructions for accessing our app compatible with the scan box! 

The only piece of equipment you’ll have to provide yourself is a smartphone. All you need to do is download our app on your smartphone and explore your instant communication options with Dr. Heinz. Utilize the app to view photos and video comparisons of your smile to see your progress in realtime! View all of your previous scans and see when you’ll scan your smile next!

Using the Heinz Ortho-to-Go system is simple. First, stand in front of a mirror and open our Ortho-to-Go app. Next, insert your phone into the scan box and insert your cheek retractors inside your mouth and attach them to the scan box. 

The app will guide you through your scan, instructing you when to remove your aligners and when to put them back over your teeth. The app’s audio guidance instructs you on how to move the scan box from side to side, capturing all of your teeth to give Dr. Heinz a proper picture of your progress. Once you complete the audio steps, you’ll submit your scan to Dr. Heinz and wait for his response and instructions.

Scanning your smile and submitting your progress on time is vital to the success of your treatment. Make sure you follow instructions on when to take photos of your smileThe app will prompt you when it’s time to scan your smile, and each scan should only take about 5 minutes to complete. 

On average, our patients send a scan every week to make sure their treatment is on track. It is super important to stick to the scanning schedule so Dr. Heinz can closely monitor your progress and intervene if you need any adjustments to your treatment.

Heinz Ortho-to-Go is simple and allows you to follow your treatment evolution on an easy-to-navigate platform. With several tutorials and step-by-step audio guides, our patients can seamlessly utilize our app from the comfort of their own homes!

This cutting-edge app enables you to actively participate in your orthodontic treatment process while staying connected with our office. Set up your scan time and add a reminder so you never miss a scan. See your past scans, view your progress video, and even share the video with friends and family so they can see your progress, too! On your home screen, you’ll see your inbox with messages from Dr. Heinz, the number of scans you’ve taken, your current aligner number, and the number of aligners remaining in your treatment.